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                      ​Oscar Winner Tarantino’s ‘Master’ and Fellini’s Muse Take Stage - Bibbiena Film Festival

​                                                                                            L A SPLASH MAGAZINES April 21 2013

​The youngest Fellini Star Bella Antonella Ponziani and the man that inspired Tarantino, Director Enzo G Castellari, appearing at the Bibbiea Film Festival.


Bella Antonella Ponziani, the beautiful and youngest Fellini Star from Fellini’s second to last movie “Intervista” is appearing this weekend in Italy for the First Edition of the Bibbiena Film Festival.  A  ​​ David di Donatella "David" winner for Best Actress and an Italian National Syndicate for Film Journalists “Silver Ribbon" Winner for Best Actress in “Ver Sud” and a Nomination for Best Actress for a “Silver Ribbon” for  “La Medaglia”, Bella Antonella Ponziani also wrote and directed the Italian comedy cult classic, "L'Ultimate Mundial".

This weekend, she takes the stage with Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration, Director Enzo G Castellari. In 1978 , the Italian genre master helmed the movie The Inglorious Bastards which became the inspiration for Tarantino’s movie Inglorious Bastars(2009). Tarantino cast Castellari in the cameo role of a German General in the 2009 movie. And according to IMDB rumors, Tarantino will play in Castellari's new movie, "Badlanders."




Youngest Fellini Muse Star Bella Antonella Ponziani with Paul Dorfi


The Antonio Giuliani Intrusion With Paul Dorfi

RAI TV PREMIUM      Rome, italy

​Bella Antonella Ponziani​ aired on the largest Italian TV Network on the RAI PREMIUM Channel with well known Italian TV movie star comedian Antonio Giuliani who interviewed her in the car on her way to a cinema shoot when her Los Angeles Manager/Producer Paul Dorfi kept calling to conduct business.  Giuliani  didn't care she was trying to study her script and take Dorfi's calls because he was more interested in Bella Antonella and finding out whatever he could about the youngest Federico Fellini movie star by over 25 years.  And a good thing it was, because Giuliani gets the low down on Bella Antonella Ponziani  from her childhood dream of winning a "David" (Italian Oscar) for Best Actress to how she was discoverd by the most famous Italian director, Federico Fellini. Comedy and laughs always ensue when these two get together. 




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