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P R DORFI is an enterprising independent entertainment house that develops and creates film/tv/music(pre-production-post), manages public relations, has confidential writing services(Novel /screenplay/articles/remarks) for A-List stars and provides business consultation services for start ups to Fortune 500 companies.   Positioning our energies to staying at the top with relevance in the every changing landscape of entertainment and business, we positively impact polices that Americans are subject to in everyday  life, helping people to find  true happiness. 


P R DORFI brings together celebrated talent with fresh emerging talent in America and Internationally.  It all starts in Hollywood and reaches the world with non-duplicative talent with new projects out soon.


​P R DORFI STUDIOs, P R DORFI CONSULTING and P R DORFI MEDIA are coming out to the world seasoned with varied cultural and continental perspective with top talent enabling this studio to create new films, tv and music, that appeal to vast audiences over many continents and different languages.



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